Interview of coach Saintignon to Francesca Facchini

What is your main source of motivation, how do you visualize that motivation into practice? 

Francesca:  I always want to compete and win every game so I am always motivated to give my best effort.  When my coaches correct me, it is something I try right away to do what he is asking me!  My motivation is to get better and win.

What is our method for helping your composure under pressure and how do you practice composure?

Francesca:  No matter what, I always think positive, I have confidence in my shot and in my teammate and this help s me to stay composed.

What kind of leader are you on and off the court and what is your definition of a great leader?

Francesca:  A great leader is a great person and player on and off the court.  I try to motivate my teammates when something is going wrong and when everything is going good.  You should always be there for them.

Interview of coach Saintignon to Francesca Facchini